River Cities United Way is a nonprofit organization that promotes and advances the health, education, and financial stability of people in our community. We are committed to making sure everyone has access to opportunity!

Serving Mohave and La Paz Counties, Laughlin, NV and Needles, CA

In today’s world, it can be hard to help people in need. There is a lot of negativity and fear out there. It can feel overwhelming to try and make a difference in the lives of others when you are trying to meet your own needs as well!

River Cities United Way believes that everyone should have access to opportunity, regardless of their financial situation or background. We work with community members every day who give back because they know what it feels like not having enough money for food or rent payments. They understand how important an education is for future success, but sometimes they don’t have the resources available at home to pursue one. Our goal is simple: we want everyone in our community – no matter where they live or what their background may be – to have opportunities so that they can thrive!

You can help by donating time or money! By giving even $2 per month (less than the cost of a latte), you can help a child in need, or you can choose to support River Cities United Way’s General Fund, which is used to meet the immediate needs of those in our community.