Pillar Donors

Tocqueville Society

The Society honors Alexis de Tocqueville, an early visitor to the United States and author of “Democracy in America”.

He recognized, applauded and immortalized American voluntary action on behalf of the common good. He wrote: “I must say that I have seen Americans make a great deal of real sacrifices to the public welfare; and have noticed a hundred instances in which they hardly ever failed to lend a faithful support to one another.” Americans understand that advancing the common good means creating opportunities for a better life for all.

The River Cities United Way Tocqueville Society recognizes donors who contribute $10,000 or more annually to improve people’s lives and strengthen our community.


Delta Dental of AZ
Sterilite Corporation
True Value Distribution Center
UniSource Energy Services

Our Pillar Donors
Donors of $500+

$7,500 –$9,999 GOLD
Businesses & Foundations
Your business here


Individuals & Families
Your family  here


$5,000—$ 7,499 SILVER
Businesses & Foundations
Your business here


Individuals & Families
Your family  here


$2,500 –$4,999 COPPER
Businesses & Foundations
Radio Central LLC

Individuals & Families
Alvarez, Humberto
Cook, Don B.
Gleason, Terry & Lisa


$1,000—$2,499 BRONZE
Businesses & Foundations
Anderson Ford Lincoln
Arizona Public Service
Dot Foods Inc.
Enterprise Rent-A-Car
McKee Foods Kingman, Inc.
Nucor Steel Kingman LLC.
United Way of Salt Lake
US Bank Corp

Individuals & Families
Atwell, Tami
Bell, Allan
Boatman, Terry
Carpenter, Jayson
Chapman, Kathy
Darrow, Clint & Nancy
Ernst, Gerald (Jerry)
Fessenden, Melissa
Helmer, Keith L.
Johnson, James L.
Krueger, Lisa J.
Leyba, Pedro Jose
McAndrew, Mike
McClure, William C.
McFadden, Rosetta
McShea, Colleen
Mercier, Jeffrey
Mozina, Roger
Myrick, Shauna
Nagel, Sandra D.
Nelson, Donald & Donna
Phelps, Rodney
Rasmussen, Geri
Reaser, Owen H.
Schmidt, Jay
Short, Benjamin S.
Sondrol, Catherine E.
Springberg, Brian
Starkey, Robert & Rhaanon
Tobin, Joseph
White, Jason
Wilson, Michael C.

$500—$999 PILLAR
Businesses & Foundations
Alex Ross Insurance
AMR / River Medical
Cascades Tissue Group
Kingman Unified School Dist.
UW of Southern Nevada
Wells Fargo Bank
Epcore Water
GEO Group
O’Reilly Auto Parts

Individuals & Families
Allen, Christopher L.
Apedaile, Gene & Susan
Amerine, Jane
Austin, Randall L.
Bartlett, Gordon & Patricia
Bowe, Barbara A.
Bredeweg, Meredith L.
Call, Greg
Caudill, Paul
Clark, William (Mark) M.
Clemens, Jay T.
Cline, Alexander
Coakley, Christopher
Coke, Jeni
Conklin, Suzanna B.
Crow, Whitney
Davis, Brian & Becky
Davner, Adam
Dixon, Wayne
Donahue, Edward J.
Eggert, Thomas
Fate, Teresa
Fenderson, Lesly
Franklin, Heather A.
Garst, John R.
Grasser, Doris M.
Greenwell, Laureen
Hade, Michele M.
Hartman, Scott
Holder, Craig
Irwin, Brian & Cynthia
Jacobson, Eileen
Jorgensen, Anthony H.
Judd, Steve & Nancy
Kennicutt, Rene J.
Kingsbury, Lori
Kresha, Andrew
Lawton, Scott
Livermore, Brandon
Mack, Donna
Main Sr, Douglas
Mann, Duane
Mann, Sharon
Marshall, David E.
Mead, Douglas
Mead, Pamela
Miley, Blondena "Blondie"
Molyneux, Jean
Moore Jr, James C.
Morris, Stefanie A.
Murphy, John
Olsen, Jill
Overly, Joe
Patterson, Michael N.
Petersen, Lynne
Port, Marty
Powers, Ruth
Randall, Brian
Riddle, Jeremy & Lisa
Riley, Brian M.
Robinson, Brandon
Rucker, Logan A.
Sasseen, Julie
Singleton, Lynette
Spiers, James & Judith
Swapp, Ryan
Toy, Linda S.
Van Ella, Lisa
Varga, Kenneth
Vedder, Mike
Wenger, Chris
Wenner, Craig M.
Westmoreland, Andrew
Westwood, Adam J.
Wolter, Agnes "Aggie"
Wrigley, Jeffrey A.
Wulff, Daryl
Wylie, Cheryl L.
Wyoysy, Stephen J.
Yanez, Leonardo
Yates, Tamara C.
Yolla, Joanne
Young, James D.
Young, Jeffery D.
Young, Linda A.
Young, William A.
Zamarripa Torres, Maria
Zaragoza, Brenda
Zardenas, Lazro
Zavala, Ramona
Zeller, Camille D.
Zemojtel, Brian
Zemojtel, Julie R.
Zepeda, Jesus G.
Zink, Norma I.
Zink, Tyler
Zuber, Elizabeth
Zubowicz, Richard S.
Zuniga, Manuel